SalvaROCK runs 3 specific workshops

Methodological approach

The Workshops are highly participative, under the “hands on” approach, with the intention that the passage through a workshop is transformative for the participants andalways combining three different dynamics

Conceptual thematic blocks

First, the trainer explains the concepts with the help of clear and stimulating examples.

Participatory blocks of individual and group experimentation

Participants are then offered different activities to practice the new concepts, either individually, in pairs or in small groups.

Discussion blocks

Finally, the participants discuss among themselves , deepening and elaborating the ideas with their own words and experiences.

The Trainer

Salva López is a unique trainer, a multidisciplinary professional who lives at the intersection of several worlds :

Trainer and academic

With extensive experience as a skills trainer, and innovative and disruptive teacher of marketing, innovation and creativity.


Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration with almost 15 years of experience in national and international marketing in different sectors and companies.


Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician with two published albums, member and leader of different musical and artistic projects.

High-impact speaker

Since 2009 he has given conferences for all types of companies and events around the world with a communicative style known as EDUTAINMENT (education & entertainment). Expert communicator with extensive experience in radio and Online TV.

Workshop or Master Class?


Workshop and Master Class are different in duration, methodology and number of participants, although the objective is the same: to help the audience to develop their talent and transform their way of thinking and acting in order to evolve at a personal and professional level.


Duration : 1 Day

Participants : Up to 20

Master Class

Duration : 1.5-3 hours

Participants : Auditorium


This is a session about creativity, methods to stimulate it, strategies to manage it, methodologies to go from ideas to Action Plan, etc.

Depending on the profile of the attendees, it can be oriented in three ways:

  • For Top Managers: when they want to adopt the “culture of creativity” in their organization.
  • For middle management: to develop the creativity of their teams.
  • For professionals in general, as a workshop on creativity techniques.

The content is adapted in each case to the type of profile and orientation.


Depending on the profile of the attendees and the objectives of the session, different contents are chosen to prepare a coherent and optimal session. Some of the usual contents are these:

  • Unlearning and Deprogramming
  • Understanding Creativity
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Divergent thinking
  • Creative people
  • Creative leadership
  • Creative methods
  • Medologies of Creativity
  • Creative Error and the Culture of Error
  • Managing ideas
  • From Imagination to Action Plan


Depending on the profile of the attendees and the objectives of the session, different contents are chosen to prepare a coherent and optimal session. Some of the usual contents are these:

  • Emotional Design and the importance of emotions in decision making
  • Handling moments of truth and touchpoints
  • The “customer journey map” (customer journey map)
  • Customer psychology
  • The concept of perceived quality
  • The concept of FANS.


Public speaking to transform audiences

This is a workshop designed for people who have to speak in public and want to:

  • learn the basic techniques
  • to improve in its execution
  • well to achieve excellence, make a mark and transform your audience.