Salva Rock is the "rockin' speaker" or "the electric guitar speaker", a reinvented professional who lives in the intersection of several worlds: the entrepreneur (Economics and Business Administration graduated, with almost 15 years of international experience), the academic (innovative and disruptive teacher of marketing, innovation and creativity) and musical (singer-songwriter with two published albums).

Salva Rock is:


  • A VERY DIFFERENT keynote speaker. I give High Impact talks on business and professional development issues, usually with my electric guitar in my hands. What I do is called edutainment (education & entertainment), and also mindshaking.
  • An innovative trainer. I give training workshops and master classes for business and professional groups on different topics: public speaking, marketing, improving the customer experience, creative leadership, competitive creativity … And of course, I do it with my personal style, surprising, risky and innovative.
  • A disruptive teacher. I teach marketing and creativity at ESADE Business School. I try to provide my students with the best possible experience, transforming them into active participants. Neuro-didactics is my thing.
  • A deprogrammer and transformer, I try to deprogram my audience, pushing them to ask new questions and think differently, because the innovative questions lead to an amazing journey.
  • A musician, singer-songwriter, I have founded and dismantled several bands. I just published my second album, the first with my new band: Flames Blanques (give it a listen on Spotify, Amazon or iTunes). I integrate music into most other things I do in life. I can not help it.
  • A learnaholic, that is, addicted to learning. The eternal student, always trying to learn from everything and everyone …
  • A writer. I have written two books related to music and business and I often write articles. I am currently writing my third book, this time about disruptive education.
    Here you can see my two books to date:- ‘Rockvolución Empresarial: lessons of the world of music for managers and entrepreneurs’. Empresa Activa. 2012 (by now, only inSpanish)
    – ‘Pursuing Excellence: the true value of processes’. It’s an iBook only for iPad. Available on iTunes Store (by now, only in Spanish and Catalan)