The attendees to my talks come out euphoric, and that’s a very satisfying side effect for me, but my main objective is to make them think, transforming their vision of reality so that they can go beyond their limits. What I do as a speaker is called “edutainment”, the combination of education and entertainment, that is, let’s learn and reflect but always having fun together.

I am a multi-instrumental musician, singer-songwriter, and my main instrument is the electric guitar, which is, without any doubt, the heart of Rock music. Using an electric guitar to give an inspiring lecture is natural to me, although the audience is always surprised by the combination of both worlds. For all of them it is always a high impact conference that they will never forget.



In the fusion of rock and enterprises I go through many business concepts, always from the disruptive and innovative thinking that carrying the music with me allows me to. Some of the main topics are:

  1. Leadership, teamwork, team intelligence, passion driven teams, high performance teams …
  2. Creativity, co-creation, innovation … (“to innovate is to see what everyone else can see but to think what no one else had thought before”…)
  3. Digital Transformation (musicians were among the first ones to go through it …)
  4. Adapting to change, reinventing, leaving the comfort zone
  5. The López-Dickinson formula for SUCCESS … (what better example of success than that of an immortal rock band …?)
  6. Conversion of customers into FANS (because FANS are the best customers, learn from the ones only has FANS: the musicians!)
  7. Emotional management (because reason guides us, but our emotions decide …)
  8. Management with few resources (“the enemy of Art is the absence of limitations” … said Orson Welles …)
  9. Etc … etc … etc …