Not exactly a teacher, rather a “learning facilitator”

I was always the kind of child who gave side classes to children of lower courses, so somehow I have been teaching all my life, literally. In my adulthood, I give or I have given occasional or stable classes of marketing, creativity or innovation in various institutions throughout Spain: ESADE Business School, Lasalle (Madrid), Deusto (Bilbao), Loyola Leadership School (Sevilla) and INEDE (Valencia). From university students to MBA, in the classroom I have participants from all over the world, so a significant percentage of my sessions are in English.

In the classroom I do not introduce myself as the teacher, but as their “learning facilitator” and I do not consider them just students, but a true “learning team”. I try to change the pedagogical model, I do a thousand didactic experiments in the classroom, I try to see how we can integrate technology and social networks to involve the participants and I always try to transform them, to impact them, and to make them enjoy the session. In my opinion learning is better if it’s fun. Of course I believe in the value of effort, but above all I believe in giving the participants room for their own creativity and curiosity. For me those ones are the main ingredients for the growth of someone who is forming in a subject: CURIOSITY + EFFORT + CREATIVITY.

I am currently writing a book on disruptive teaching, where I share my thoughts, my experiences and my didactic experiments of the last years.

Sometimes I play with my students at the Campus Party. That’s why I am “the rocker teacher”. You can see that in the video to the right …